Read below about a powerful hearing voices recovery book, excellent 'Setting up hearing voices group' training and two reccommended sites that look at 'madness' in creative ways.  Also hot of the press is news about the latest 'Great Escape Bedpush' in Adelaide, Australia.
Living With Voices: Fifty Stories of Recovery

by Prof Marius Romme, Dr Sandra Escher, Jacqui Dillon, Dr Dirk Corstens and Prof Mervyn Morris (PCCS Books)

Living With Voices is the groundbreaking follow-up to the classic Accepting Voices (Romme & Escher, 1997) and Making Sense of Voices (Romme & Escher, 2000).

In addition to fifty recovery stories, Living With Voices includes the following chapters:

   - Important steps to recovery in voices
   - The disease concept of hearing voices and its harmful aspects
   - What causes hearing voices?
   - Accepting voices and finding a way out
   - Making sense of voices: The relationship between voices and life
   - Metaphors and emotions
   - Hearing voices groups
   - Psychotherapy with hearing voices
   - Medication

Setting up and Supporting Self help and Peer Support Groups for People who Hear Voices
One Day Training Workshops
Leeds, Wednesday 18th November 2009
Birmingham, Thursday 19th November 2009

Paul Baker, the coordinator of the international hearing voices movement will lead this participative workshop where we will learn about setting up and supporting hearing voices groups, based on work from around the world and harnessing our own ideas and experiences

Statutory sector £95 inc VAT; Voluntary sector £80 Inc VAT; Unwaged Inc £55 Inc VAT.
The price includes a copy of the new DVD "How to Set up and Run a Hearing Voices Group"( sale price £30.00) Download the flyer and booking form here.

Also check out Madness Radio for a series of interesting and thought provoking interviews.

And the channel 4 film Being Bonkers is worth seeing, a humorous look at a film makers personal experience of psychiatric treatment and the crazy way he was treated.

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