купить DOMINO Колпино Clare Crestani of the Bath Mad Hatters writes: World Mad Pride Day was on Monday, July 14th. The Mad Hatters of Bath carried out a normality testing street theatre event in Bath City Centre.  Click here to see the film.  
For more information about 'normality testing' and ideas go to www.mindfreedom.org website, the Mad Pride events.


click here Also the next edition of the Great Escape - The Journal of Contemporary Insanity - is now on sale at secret locations, as usual. We have had to increase the price to £2 but it is certainly worth it.This 3rd edition is all fluffy, after the real life horrors of the Halloween edition. Welcome to the interface where nothing is certain and everything has potential. A magazine created by the Mad Hatters of Bath to dispel some of the old myths surrounding ‘mental illness’. Mad creators around Bath and beyond, contribute to this increasingly popular and unexpected magazine. 


source For further info email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. To order copies of the latest edition please send a postal order or cheque for £2 for each magazine and some extra for postage. Earlier editions can also be ordered from the Mad Hatters for £2 each. Make cheques payable to ‘The Mad Hatters of Bath’ P.O Box 426 Bath BA1 2ZD.